Dealing with a testamentary trust during family law property settlement negotiations

Dealing with Testamentary Trusts during family law property settlement

After a relationship breaks down, leading to separation, an application is often made to a court for a property settlement. There are many common assets (real estate, vehicles, bank accounts etc) but there are some more uncommon “financial resources”; like an interest in a Testamentary Trust which also need to be disclosed during negotiations.
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What is a testamentary trust Wills and when should I consider one?

Testamentary Trust Wills

A Testamentary Trust is a Trust established within a valid Will and comes into effect upon the death of the Will maker. Incorporating provisions for a Testamentary Trust in a Will makes the administration more complex if the Trust is activated.
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When do I need a Will?

When should you make or review your Will?

Most adults should have a valid Will. During the course of a lifetime, they should regularly review the provisions of their Will. In this article, we look at the various stages of life in relation to requirements for their Will at that point in time.
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Compensation for compulsory acquisition

Compulsory Acquisition of Your Property – new compensation processes now in force

On 2 July 2020, significant amendments made to the Land Acquisition Act dealing with compulsory acquisition of land came into effect in South Australia.
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